Is it designed for men, women and children?

Yes, the Travelloo is gender-friendly. The upper rigid plastic moulding has been ergonomically designed to accommodate all genders and sizes. Its contoured shape fits perfectly against the female body for spill-proof usage. The rigidity and shape of this moulding makes it easy to hold during use, even if the bag becomes heavy.


When and where can I use Travelloo products?

It's never a fun situation when you're on the go, and then you have to ‘go’. That is exactly why Travelloo urine bags and solid waste bags were created.  Anyone… men, women or children, can use Travelloo products when there are no traditional or sanitary facilities available.



Is there any odour after it is used?

No! The Travelloo is virtually odourless immediately after use. The special polymer blend locks odours inside the spill-proof, leak-proof urinal bag.


Are the Travelloo urinal & solid waste bags puncture and spill resistant?

Yes, each type of Travelloo bag incorporates a patented Liqsorb(R) pouch, which is made of non-woven fabric. This fabric traps solidified content within the plastic bags and prevents leakage at the source. It is also resistant to breakage and reseals the bag should it ever be punctured.


After the Travelloo urinal is used or filled to maximum capacity, does it need to be closed or sealed to avoid spills?

Surprisingly it does not!  The revolutionary patented Liqsorb polymer pouch locks all the gel inside immediately, providing a spill-proof and puncture resistant container that can be stored safely without leakage.  However, for added peace of mind the bag also incorporates a built in Zip-Lock closure.


How should I dispose of the Travelloo?

This is not a problem.  Non-toxic, non-hazardous Travelloo products can be disposed of in any Waste Bin.  They need not be considered as any different to a disposable nappy etc.



Is it environmentally safe?

Yes. Non-Toxic, non-hazardous Travelloo products meet the stringent United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for disposal in any garbage container.


Are Travelloo bags biodegradable or recyclable?

Yes, they are made of recyclable PE plastic and biodegradable polymers.


How quickly is the urine absorbed?

This depends on the temperature and volume of the urine.  In general though it surprisingly takes only 5 to 10 seconds to convert it from liquid to gel.


How many times can the Travelloo urinal bag be used?

Although most adult users will probably only use them once.  However, if required they can be used continuously until full without leakage, spills or odours. The capacity of the adult Travelloo is 800cc, the Junior one 600cc.


What makes Travelloo products better than other brands on the market?

Firstly, they have no loose powder inside so there is no leakage and no mess. All absorbent materials are encapsulated within the patented non-woven pouch that makes it the most advanced system available. In addition, the spill-proof, leak-proof polymer pouch instantly gels and deodorizes liquids within seconds.  It is the first truly sanitary, odour-free method of waste disposal for men, women and children.

Secondly, a number of other available and often dearer products on the market are designed for females alone and merely consist of a funnel to enable them to urinate whilst standing.  There is no inbuilt container with the above products.  This leads to obvious limitations as to where they can be used.



How small is a Travelloo urinal bag?  Can I store it inconspicuously?

It weighs only 45gms (1.5 oz) before use. It is 120mm x 50mm x 45mm (approximately 5" x 2" x 1.5”) when folded and can fit easily into a pocket, handbag, glove compartment or wherever.


Are there other reasons for using Travelloo unisex urinals?

Poor sanitary conditions due to overuse and overcrowding at major public venues and in the Third World could potentially cause a host of dangerous health problems including pneumonia, gonorrhoea, urinary tract inflammatory disease, diarrhoea, dysentery, and hepatitis. All this can be avoided with the compact easy-to-use Travelloo.


I’ve heard that using a Travelloo can help reduce the chance of urinary tract infection (UTI).  Is that true?

Apart from the use of unsanitary facilities, UTI and other diseases can also be caused by infrequent urination, in other words not being in a position to urinate when you really need to. Having a Travelloo to hand reduces the risk of exposing the user to this situation.  It can therefore reduce the chance of contracting UTI.