1: The adult and Junior Travelloos are really compact as supplied before use. 

This means that they can be easily stored away in a handbag, glovebox or anywhere else to be readily available for when they are needed.

2: Simply untuck the bag from the moulded top and extend to its full length. 

The Travelloo is now immediately available for use by man, woman or child.

3: The Travelloo is then filled with urine. 

A female user holds the shaped top moulding tight to their bodies where the snug ergonomic fit prevents any accidental leakage. 

A male user, as you would expect, just urinates into the top aperture.



4: This is the clever bit.  Just seconds later the still open Travelloo could, if you wanted, be inverted without a drop coming out. 

The LIQSORB® super absorbent polymer pouch instantly turns all the urine into an odour absorbing spill-proof gel!

5: The Travelloo incorporates a self-seal top into its design… shown here closed. 

Note how the bag has expanded with all the urine being turned to a gel.

6: The leak-proof puncture-proof Travelloo can now safely be dumped in any normal bin, as it does not require any special disposal treatment.