The Travelloo urinal is a purpose designed pouch created for collecting urine safely and conveniently.  The upper part has a specially designed rigid moulding.  This is ergonomically shaped to fit in a comfortable and leak-proof way to the female form.  It is however equally usable by men and children of all ages.

This unisex adapter makes it so easy to use while standing or sitting… so it is perfect for the ladies!

Having a bag or pouch to safely collect urine is not enough of an answer on its own however.  Having been filled, there is then the issue of having a flexible bag full of a pungent smelling liquid… and what you can safely do with it.

This is where the Travelloo’s next clever feature comes immediately into action.


It is the unique hi-tech ingredient LIQSORB® that makes the Travelloo so much better than any competitor products. This is a special highly absorbent powder that is contained in an expandable, liquid permeable, biodegradable fabric pouch fixed inside the outer bag.

The LIQSORB ® powder turns any water based liquid, such as urine, instantly into a gel and traps this soft gel inside the pouch.  This creates a spill-proof, leak-proof, and puncture resistant receptacle.

The LIQSORB ® powder incorporates anti-microbial agents to inhibit potential bacteria and fungal growth.  This straightaway also eliminates strong odours and cross-contamination. 

So, within just seconds of using the Travelloo, its liquid contents are effectively turned to solid.  This enables it to be handled conveniently and safely until it can be disposed of in any ordinary waste bin.

The Travelloo is a brilliant idea… and one that has been realised in a thoroughly well designed and well manufactured way.  It is definitely the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of such devices and is patented across the world.


Travelloo is the ‘UK friendly’ name that we at Functional Products Ltd are using to identify and market these clever hi-tech patented products from the USA.  They are manufactured by Reach Global Industries Inc. and are sold in that market with the Americanised name of TravelJohn. This is why the branding on some of the items you might purchase will have that name.

Functional Products Ltd is a major UK distributor for these products and by specialising in them we can offer them at a price and with a service second to none.

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